A new spin on transportation The Dash by Innova UEV

The Innova Dash is a new urban electric vehicle (UEV), a variation on European microcar technology. It's 100 percent electric, and with its 35 mph speed, estimated 100-mile range and less than 25¢-a-day cost, it's a perfect, head-turning car for errands around town (since the average American drives less than 30 miles per day).

A whole new driver experience

Look at the car, you'll be intrigued. Get in the car, you'll be amazed. Drive the car, you'll be sold. Controls and displays designed by Inverom, the display system developers for the Fisker Karma and Tesla S Sedan, provide a driver experience like no other vehicle. With the latest touchscreen and telematics technology, the Dash is just like an iPad that you can drive.

Designed in Italy, the Dash will be assembled and marketed in America. And the sticker price of the Dash will be as amazing as the car itself: in the $9,995–$13,000 range — depending on the options chosen.